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Eas-eee Block Frame
Eas-eee Block FrameEas-eee Block Frame dowel for standingFrame can be using to make larger displays

Eas-eee Block Frame

The new Eas-eee block frame has been developed to stand up using the dowel provided, placed on any flat surface or hung on a wall using the cut-outs on each block.
The Eas-eee block is made from black 25mm veneered MDF.and available in 6 sizes.
Note, the 12" x 12" frame is used for wall hanging and does not come supplied with a dowel.

Unlike other block frames our Eas-eee Block has repositionable adhesive applied to the front for easy image mounting. There is no need to trim your image after positioning which makes it quick to assemble. If you're not happy with the print's position then simply remove with a scalpel or business card and reposition. Once placed you will have a 2mm veneered black border around the image.

Note: the size refers to the print size for mounting.


For a 6" x 4" image - 5.76 including VAT
For a 7" x 5" image - 7.92 including VAT
For an 8" x 8" image - 9.36 including VAT
For a 10" x 8" image - 12.96 including VAT
For a 10" x 10" image - 15.84 including VAT
For a 12" x 12" image - 18.72 including VAT

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